"Competent, accessible, efficient, and all around nice people. They are readily available whenever we call and always provide us with the highest quality work."
"They were not only efficient but also prompt in completing service and help. They were available for and helpful in answering any follow-up questions related to the work done. They are an excellent resource for a wide variety of computer services and they're friendly to boot!"

PC & MAC Repair and Maintantence
When your Green Wire technician first arrives, they will perform a comprehensive check up on your computer. With your help in describing the problem, they will provide you with a number of options and recommend the best one. Our goal is always to provide you with the best service for your dollar. Our technicians will work quickly and efficiently to solve the problem and get you up and working again!

$80 for the first hour (minimum charge of $80), $20 per quarter hour thereafter.

Special Pre-paid Rate (Purchased in Advance):

$64 for the first hour (minimum charge of $64), $16 per quarter hour thereafter.

Software Installation & Training
If you have any new programs that you need installed on your computer, or even if you've installed them but want to know how to use them better, we can help! Our friendly technicians also double as instructors. We can help you learn how to use and new software you get, or even how to get more out of programs you already have!

$80 for the first hour (minimum charge of $80), $20 per quarter hour thereafter.

Odds are that if you use a computer it probably contains some files that are important to you. They could be family pictures or a music collection. Maybe you tend to your personal finances or work from home. Whatever the case, nobody wants to face the prospect of losing these files. With Green Wire's Dataguard service, you can rest easy. Dataguard contains several levels of protection to ensure that even if the unthinkable happens, your data will still be safe.

Please Email us for a list of our Dataguard© services and rates.

Extend-Care is a special maintenance program designed to get your computer into tip-top shape and keep it there. It includes an initial 21-point optimization program, a discounted onsite service call rate, and free phone and internet support. Extend-Care is available in 3, 6, and 12 month increments. Any monthly hour allotment may be increased at the discounted rate for the appropriate plan.

Please Email us for a list of our Extend-Care© options and rates.

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